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5 Tips to Help Choose the Right PTO Clutch

Find the perfect PTO clutch for your mower or lawn tractor

The PTO clutch is an essential component in your lawn and garden equipment. The clutch provides for the transmission of power from the engine to enable the cutting rotation of the blades. Without a well-operating PTO clutch, your mower or lawn tractor can’t do the job it was meant to perform.

If you’re looking to replace a worn PTO clutch, it’s important you buy the right one for fit and performance. Improvising with “something close” doesn’t really work with PTO clutches. But when you go looking for a new one, you’ll quickly find out there are many models of PTO clutches on the market. You'll need to be ready with information before ordering.


  1. Owner’s or Parts Manual: If you saved the manual, it’s a good time to dig it out of the file cabinet. This document will provide the part number for the PTO clutch you need. If you’ve misplaced your manual, or purchased a used machine and never received one, try one of the other steps below.

  2. Manufacturer’s Number: PTO clutches installed in outdoor power equipment are often made by one of two manufacturers, Warner or Ogura. These manufacturers assign a part number to every PTO clutch they produce. When you remove the PTO clutch from your equipment, you may find a Warner or Ogura part number on a sticker or stamped into the clutch. Sometimes, of course, this number is hard to read because of grit, grime or wear. If that’s the case for you, move on to tip #3.

  3. OEM Number: Manufacturers of outdoor power equipment such as John Deere, Toro or Kubota will often assign a part number for clutches that go into their machines. Similar to the manufacturer's number, you may also find the OEM number on a sticker or etched into the clutch. If you don’t know whether the number you’re looking at is the manufacturer number or the OEM number, Google the number with brand names to find the association. Once you determine what type of number it is, you can move forward with finding the PTO clutch you need.

  4. Search Make/Model Number Online: On the Xtreme Outdoor Power Equipment website, you can search for PTO clutches by entering the make and model of your machine in the search bar. Many times, this search will lead you to the PTO clutch you need, but other times it may leave you wondering. Here’s why. Sometimes there is a serial number break in the type of PTO clutch that a manufacturer installs in its machines. They may begin by using a PTO clutch with a certain serial number, and then later switch to another clutch with a different serial number. Depending on when your make and model of outdoor power equipment was manufactured, the serial number could differ. As stated earlier, many times searching by make and model will work, but it’s good to be aware of this serial number break issue in case confusion arises in your search.

  5. Talk to an Expert: If the preceding steps still leave you with questions, you can talk with a PTO clutch pro by calling Xtreme at 561-852-1010 or by emailing sales@xclutches.com. The service representatives can provide helpful advice on determining which PTO clutch you need.

By replacing your PTO clutch, you can restore original performance to your mower or lawn tractor. It’s a simple thing you can do to extend the service life of your lawn and garden equipment.